Anyone and Everyone: Families from all parts of society share their experience with lesbian and gay children in new film.

Anyone and Everyone is a documentary film about having a lesbian or gay child.

Families from diverse backgrounds including Japanese, Bolivian, and Cherokee – and various religious denominations like Mormon, Jewish, and Southern Baptist – share their sensitive stories of children coming out.

The parents also talk about being ostracized by relatives, friends, and religious congregations.

“It was so evil and so bad that we almost couldn’t talk about it… You just had the idea it was so terrible that it was unspeakable,” said a Mormon mother in the film.

“Having heard all these awful things and what homosexuality was and then having a member of your family, a person that you have seen, a child that you have seen since the child was born, a person that was absolutely wholesome, good, kind, gentle and that put together with the word lesbian didn’t add up,” said a hispanic mother.

This film is especially important now because approximately 26 percent of LGBT teens who come out to their parents or guardians are told they must leave home.

Of the approximately 1.6 million homeless American youth, 20-40 percent identify as LGBT. Almost 40 percent of students report being physically harassed. And – in a 2001 Department of Health study of youth in Massachusetts – about 40 percent of gay and lesbian students attempted suicide, compared to about 10 percent of their heterosexual peers.

Filmmaker and writer Susan Polis Schutz first aired the documentary on KPBS San Diego in August, 2007 and the film is scheduled to play on most PBS stations throughout the year.

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