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My husband AJ is going to the court house today to begin the process for second parent adoption. The democratic legislature in Colorado just last year passed a law that allows for any second parent to adopt, which include gay couples. The El Paso county courthouse holds an informational session on the third Thursday of every month about the adoption filing process, and AJ’s going there today to see what we have to do. We really don’t have any money after the adoption to hire a lawyer to take us through the process, and our adoption agency won’t help us because AJ doesn’t meet their 25 year old age requirement. (He’s 24.)

The adventure continues…

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  • November 2, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    AJ went to the county courthouse, only to find that they didn’t have anyone to lead the adoption meeting. Frustrated, we called our Denver adoption agency, who had refused to help us with AJ’s adoption because he didn’t meet their age requirement of 25. (He’s 24 and 3 months.) After much back and forth and a few emotional emails, we finally got them to help us out a little bit.

    Turns out, because AJ had completed the homestudy with me on my adoption of Joshua, we had by the terms of the new state law six months to file his case before we’d have to have anohter homestudy. Since my adoption was finalized on May 8th, that left us with about a week to get our paperwork in order. Yikes!

    The agency proposed that since we adopted in Araphoe county (south Denver), that we could file for AJ’s second parent adoption there since we would have “venue”. A quick call to the Arapahoe County Courthouse helpline confirmed this, and they directed us to the web page where the second parent adoption forms (only two pages!) existed.

    AJ drove up on Monday and filed the forms. The clerks at the court weren’t sure if the courts would process the adoption there or if the case would be sent to the courts of our home county (El Paso). Nevertheless, the paperwork has been filed and the need for another homestudy has been (temporarily) averted!

    The paperwork wheels are turning…

    Stay tuned!

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