I love my daughter very much. Now my ex is pulling out no stops to prevent me from seeing my daughter. Now, my family is abusing my daughter and I’ve not stopped the abuse. Funny, my ex has called my family the Brady Bunch because we are close and openly loving to one another. It really hurts that she would even say anything like this. In addition, it is worse that she would even go so far as lieing about it. It has been 28 days. I’ve only been allowed one phone call with my daughter since my ex took her from me. I’m trying to stay strong but I still cry allot. I have a hard time wanting to do anything. I miss my daughter so much and this is the most time we have ever spent apart. It has been hard to admit that I’ve been in a controling and abusive realtionship with my ex. I feel worn down by her and emotionally drained. She has no limits and demands everything. There was no love there she only cared about what she was going to get out of our realtionship and she was even willing to use our daughter to manipulate me. Geese, where have I been…

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