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It is shortly past noon and I am already to go home. I am not in the mood to work. I find myself using this Blog as a therapeutic measure to vent to people who might understand and some who may think I am a nut. However, it is good for me to escape in the writing of another type of document rather than that of a boring old contract or pleading. I am less concerned about tone, tenor and grammar as I am getting out the feelings I have in side of me regarding whatever seems to be on my mind at the time I feel like writing, I am happy when I log on and see the words of those who are going through insemination or the like or are in the process of trying to have children as it is a path that we all have walked and then there is the path of raising them.

I recently received a comment from another member about finding a mate. I guess in this metropolitan area, a gay friendly state, there may be someone, but I have yet to find them. Perhaps there is another man in another state that is desirous of the same thing and there is a chance to be taken a risk to be calculated and things that have yet to happen. Perhaps I will board a plane for some exotic place and have coffee with a man who intrigues me and then fly home. You never know, but path cross for a reason and who am I to miss a chance and an open door. Who knows, but I consider it all part of the single parenting process and this adventure we call living. I have learned that to make miracles happen you have to put it out there and never loose faith. So I do that here.

The kids are alright, Ben is acclimating to the bus and Bryce is saying more, dancing and singing and there is a balance that is finally returning to the house. I am actually getting into a routine and getting my usually organized self back on track with a schedule. I am starting to feel less harried and more balanced after the arrival of Bryce. Hey it only took me 90 days. I am surprised I did not have it in a spreadsheet. Oh well, there is something to be said for second children, they are 4 times the work, but you know what to expect, like Bryce eating sand at the beach this weekend…now I know he will not die…so let him eat some…no big deal.

So for those of you who read this, understand it is the diary of a single parent. It is also a chronicle of my journey with my children and portrays what my life is like. If I were a good lawyer I would add some sense of a disclaimer here. I will not. However, I will say that this has become good therapy for me to chronicle things and see what and where things are at. Even now I read back and see that it is as funny, it is a painful as it was and it is more amazing every day. One thing I know it shows is that if you want something bad enough and if you believe hard enough, wishes and dreams come true.

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