Riding the Rollercoaster……of adoption

I suppose to take my frustration out on paper is the only way I can do it, now if I only had a pad. What is up with the cyber age anyway, I can not doodle on a computer nor can I just scribble? Well, my second son arrived a short 2 months ago and has become deeply rooted and adjusted to the family and I love the little guy. In adoption, it is not that you required to fall in love with your kid immediately upon meeting them. I guess some may be shocked by that but come on….it is the reality of the situation. However it happens when you are building the relationship with the child it does. In the case of Bryce it was the first time he got sick…that is when the bond was cemented. What can I say? It is what it is. When I began the process I was careful to ascertain all the details of the parents and the current status as there was a legal risk. Having practiced Family and Domestic law I am a bit more immune to getting on the adoption emotional rollercoaster than some people and I do a huge amount of assessment before I enter into the ring to ensure we have a fair shot at finalization.

In this case, I required a written report to be submitted to me in answering all of my questions. I would be more than happy to share those questions with anyone going through the process. I got the report and all the answers to my questions including the legal status. Trial date was set and everything was a go. The other day I made a call to my son’s attorney to see what was up with him, no only was he unprepared and had never visited he was unaware of the status of the parents. So, I called the state agency for an update and they were unaware as well, despite having told me one thing rather than what was quickly coming to be a new status and a legal quagmire.

Throughout the day the whole thing unraveled into a legal mess that emotionally I could liken to the Anna Nicole thing…..Yup, I got my ticket to ride the emotional rollercoaster. So here I am trying to work (you can see how well that is going) worried about my son(s), and fearful that the failure and misrepresentation made to me could bite me in the proverbial ass. I guess I will just have to sit tight, become the papa bear that I am fight and have faith. The adoption process can be tough enough, but the rollercoaster sucks despite it being the ride of a lifetime. Well at least I vented.

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  • August 18, 2007 at 8:17 pm

    Green Dads
    Hi there, that rollercoaster ride is probably the main reason we have not tried to adopt a second child.

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