Rainbow In Me

Yup, I have some rainbow in me. I was raised by my Lesbian Mom and her partner and I am so grateful for that experience! There are many benefits of being raised in the GLBT community. There are some drawbacks too. All in all, my childhood taught be about honesty, open-mindedness and love.

I have great pride for my Mom, who divorced my Dad when I was very young. She knew she couldn’t pretend to be something she wasn’t and I admire her for leaving my brother’s behind as she raised me. I can imagine it wasn’t an easy decision.

I know there are others out there who were raised by GLBT parents. Some “out,” some “closeted” (like me). I’d love to hear from all of you. What did growing up with a GLBT parent give you? Or What does having a GLBT parent now, give you.

Create a great day!

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