Is Hillary a homophobe? Alaska Senator equates Clinton’s remarks on gay marriage with slavery.

A long-shot for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Alaska Senator Mike Gravel posted a blistering commentary on Hillary Clinton’s opposition to gay marriage. Clinton recently stated that she believes the issue of marriage equality should be a matter for individual states to decide.

Gravel uses The Huffington Post to equate Clinton’s remarks on gay marriage with slavery:

“By drawing upon the language of states rights, Hillary embraces the tradition of John Calhoun and the defenders of slavery along with Strom Thurmond and the segregationists. Throughout our nation’s history, every time national public opinion turns against oppression, opponents of progress use states rights to present themselves as defenders of liberty in the face of federal power.”

Gravel also says, “States rights has always been the last refuge of the bigots. Now Hillary has given rhetorical cover to the homophobes. If she wins the Democratic nomination, opponents of gay marriage will cite her statement to justify their opposition to national marriage equality over the next decade.”

Clinton has been reinforcing her position that marriage and civil unions are a matter for states, but she said last fall that if New York State were to enact a law allowing gays to marry, [as President] she would not try to stand in the way.

Over 1,000 federal rights, protections and responsibilities are automatically granted to married heterosexual couples but denied to same-sex couples.

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