So What?

Society will (slowly) realize gays and lesbians are more similar to straight people than not. But only after we live next to them, out of the shadows and in our front yards, sometimes with kids. As a result of our collective “coming out” so far, opinion polls show growing acceptance of gay rights. An editorial in The Washington Post helps vindicate our position.

“Despite dire predictions, the institution of marriage didn’t crumble under the weight of homosexuals seeking the rights and responsibility that come with it. The sky didn’t fall in Massachusetts. Nor has it buckled in the District of Columbia and the five states that offer civil unions or domestic partnerships to gay couples.”

Four years and about 10,000 same-sex marriages later the people of Massachusetts are saying, “so what?”. It can be said that average people are unphased by the effects of gay marriage. And this result is now part of America’s history.

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