Not In Front Of The Kids! Popular talking head calls San Diego Padres “dumb” for bringing kids and gay adults together.

Bill O’Reilly, host of the self-appointed “most watched program on cable news”, blasted the San Diego Padres baseball team for inviting gays and lesbians to the ball park on the same day a free hat giveaway was promoted to kids.

In a creepy ominous tone, O’Reilly reported that “thousands of gay adults showed up and commingled with straight families,” and stated, “[C]lear-thinking people understand it is completely out of context and inappropriate.”

O’Reilly uses his position as the centerpiece of Fox News’ prime-time lineup to misinform his audiences, consistently skewing his talking points to advance conservative viewpoints. He shares his ignorance and distorted world-view with approximately 4 million Americans each month.

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