More Men Are Adopting

The number of single men adopting has more than doubled since 1998, according to a USA TODAY analysis of government statistics. Single men account for just 3% of all adoptions from foster care, but their share has risen.

Fost adopt may be the best bet for single men who want to adopt. Although single men are typically chosen less by women putting babies up for adoption, they are often welcomed in the foster care system.

One thought on “More Men Are Adopting

  • December 5, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    How is it that women are being overlooked in their discrimination policies against single men adopting babies?
    Are they not subject to obey the same laws with regards to gender discrimination as the rest of America? Perhaps if they cant control their jealous urges and hatred for men the agencies should have far more men running them. Think about all the children that are missing out on the love and comfort they would otherwise be afforded without these women obstructing their way.

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