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Family Equality Council says contact your legislator!

The equal rights group emphasizes that elected representatives are there to work for you. Do not be afraid to go straight to the source when there is legislation that you love or that you hate. Sometimes it may not seem like representatives have our best interests at heart, but that’s where we come in. As constituents, it is our responsibility to hold our representatives accountable. Remember, legislators can only know how you feel if you tell them.

Following these steps and introduce yourself to your legislator:

  1. Know who all of your legislators are. Visit People For The American Wayand enter your address to locate your elected officials.
  2. Know how they stand on the issue of family equality. Search the website of your elected official for their stand on family equality.
  3. Contact your represenative to tell them what our families need
    • write a letter
    • make a phone call
    • visit in person

Family Pride is the national non-profit organization committed to securing family equality

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