A Unique Gift Registry For Your Child

Protecting your child’s health can be expensive. Let your friends and family help. Cord Blood Registry provides a convenient way for expecting parents to announce to family and loved ones that they have chosen to bank their baby’s umbilical cord blood with CBR, and to invite them to give toward the purchase of this once in a life time opportunity for their baby.

CBR’s online gift registry is available to any enrolled CBR family that has opted for the payment in full or 6 month payment plan (extended plans of 12 months or more are not eligible).

CBR parents who register with the CBR Gift Registry may invite anyone they wish to contribute to their account, including friends, family, shower organizers and guests, co-works, grandparents, and more.

CBR’s online gift registry only accepts contributions online via credit card. However, if a contributor has specific questions about our Gift Registry, they may call CBR and request to be transferred to a Gift Registry Expert.

For more information go to: Cord Blood Registry.

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