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Gay men looking to surrogacy for children

Some gay men, who want to expand their families, are opting for surrogacy - a practice regulated on a state-by-state basis. "For gay people, men at least, this is pretty much the only way they can … More

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Allies for Adoption

Family Equality Council is working for every child who is searching to find a Forever Family. The group has developed a tool box to help you learn about the patchwork of adoption laws and policies … More

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Editor’s Pick

After marriage equality – what’s next?

by Peter Rosenstein We have the right to join the Armed Forces — and soon will have the right to marry - what’s the next issue for us to focus on as a community? Many are now wondering which issues LGBT organizations will use to continue to raise the … More

Catholic school allows students to work on gay rights project

The principal at a Catholic school in Ottawa, Ontario is now allowing two sixth-grade girls to present a social justice fair project on gay rights. The project had been turned down by the school in November. The students, their parents and the principal of … More