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3 TV Shows With Realistic Adoption Storylines

From Angelina Jolie to characters Cam and Mitchell in "Modern Family," the issue of adoption frequently finds itself playing out in the media. Unfortunately, the public attention showered on adoption … More

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Family and Friends

Failed IVF treatment triples chance of divorce

All parents know that having a baby can put a strain on the strongest of marriages. But now, new research suggests struggling to have a baby can make divorce or separation even more likely. Danish researchers found couples who have a rocky patch because of … More

Drinking during pregnancy harms 7,000 babies per year

Drinking during pregnancy causes more harm to the unborn child than tobacco smoke or cannabis, according to senior doctors. They want Government guidelines to be changed to tell women to avoid alcohol altogether rather than once or twice a week. … More

What women don’t know about their fertility

As surprising as it seems, about half of women of reproductive age have not talked to their health care provider about their reproductive health, according to a new study. As a result, the researchers, from the Yale School of Medicine, found that women between … More